2006 CMKG Best in show

CMKG 2006



The 2006 contestants were divided into categories so knitters just starting out weren't competing with those who had been machine knitting for years.  The purpose of the contest was to inspire members of the guild, to allow active participation by all members of the guild and to encourage creativity by members of the guild and machine knitters at large. 

The categories for 2006 were:

Beginner (owned a knitting machine 2 years or less)

Intermediate (owned a knitting machine 5 year or less)

Advanced (owned a knitting machine over 5 years)

Professional (any knitter who has profited in machine knitting by selling patterns, knits or knitting machines and supplies)

Decorative--any skill level (containing items such as afghans, rugs, wall hangings or any item used for household decoration)

Home Decor
First Place, Decorative
The variety and quality of knits we received were amazing.  We couldn't believe the ingenuity and imagination that was used.   It all proves, in case we didn't already  know it, that you can make anything on a knitting machine.  And this year's contest shows us you can do most of it on ANY machine.