2007 Best in Show

Carolinas Machine Knitters Guild

2007 Contest

  The purpose of the contest was to inspire members of the guild, to allow active participation by all members of the guild and to encourage creativity by members of the guild and machine knitters at large. 
The 2007 entries were divided into basically the same categories as 2006; however, we split the Decorative Categories into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional just as the Wearable Categories had been.Beginner (owned a knitting machine 2 years or less)
Intermediate (owned a knitting machine 5 year or less)
Advanced (owned a knitting machine over 5 years)
Professional (any knitter who has profited in machine knitting by selling patterns)Again, we received a variety of knits, showing the ingenuity and imagination of the machine knitter.  Some used electronic machines, and some used hobby machines, but all were winners at showing what a knitting machine could do.
  Copies of the 2007 Contest Book are available for purchase. 
The books are $25 including shipping to the  U.S. and Canada and $30 including shipping to Europe.

Our 2007 Gallery of Pictures