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2005 CMKG Contest Book
Available in hard copy or as .pdf file on CD

Changing Gauge and Size Cathie Sanders  
Non Contest Entries    
Bea's Woven Caplet Diane Mahoney  
Twine Bag Diane Mahoney  
Casual Summer Jacket Kathryn Doubrley  
FFF Bear Margaret Heck  
Cell Phone Bag Roz Porter  
Rolled Neck Tunic Jan Burch  
Toddler Cardigan Ingrid Pietras  
Contest Entries    
Sideways Knit Triangular Shawl Sheron Goldin 1st Place, Wearable Knit, Beginner
Toddler Dress Anna Hackathorn  
Cotton Candy Heart Sweater Leota Bourne  
Bulky Cardigan Jacket Ann Phillips  
Alpine Jacket Cara Ghidotti 1st Place, Wearable Knit, Advanced
Intarsia Color Blocks Sandra England  
Child's Easter Sweater Kelly Feibes  
Christmas Pillow

Kelly Feibes

Early American Scrap Rug Natalie Langkilde 1st Place, Decorative Knit, Professional
Light-Weight Faux Twin Set Natalie Langkilde  
26 Plus One Lady's Jacket and Short Sleeve Sweater Nan Fabring  
A Day at the Beach Nan Fabring 1st Place, Wearable Knit, Professional
Ashdon Jacket Maggie Andrews Grand Prize Winner
Getting to Know You Biographies    

2006 CMKG Contest Book
Hard copy ONLY

Book Coordinator's Notes Cathie Sanders  
Non-Contest Patterns    
Lace Edging for Blankets for the Knitting Machine Marge Coe  
Machine Knit Lacy Edging/Border Marge Coe  
Machine Knitted Felted Purses in Three Styles Sandra England  
English Rose Backpack Elizabeth Tong  

Beginner Category


Baby Sweater

Tracy Burkart  
Spring Heart Sweater Jeannette Schultz 3rd Place

Summer Sweater

Jeannette Schultz 2nd Place
English Rose Child's Cardigan Elizabeth Tong 1st Place
Advanced Category    
Baby Hat Helen Hughes 3rd Place


Cara Ghidotti 2nd Place
Child's Purple Dress Lou Damewood 1st Place
Professional Category    
Round and Round We Go Toddler Poncho Elizabeth Thompson  
Kitten Sweater Kelly Feibes  
Two for the Price of One ... with Purse Nan Fabing  
Tricia Maggie Andrews 3rd Place
Flowers in the Snow Margaret Heck 2nd Place
Skirt with Top with Hand Knit Lace Trim Carmen Berrier 1st Place
Decorative Category    
Baby Wrap Jeanette Schultz  
Diamond Plate Afghan Terry Diemer  
Jill's Poop Loop Leash (Pooch Loop) Terry Diemer  
Draft Dodgers Margaret Heck  
CD Player Holder Joyce Hudgens 3rd Place
Arum Lily Corsage Maggie Andrews 3rd Place
Entrelac Pillow Kelly Feibes 2nd Place
Heirloom Lace Bedroom Set Natalie Langkilde 1st Place

Best In Contest


Houndstooth Jacket and Peaked Cap

LouLou Pirotte Grand Prize Winner

Learn to Line

Kathryn Doubrley with LouLou Pirotte  

Biographies of Contributors


2007 CMKG Contest Book
Hard copy ONLY

Contents Coming Soon    


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